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In an age where anyone and everyone can create an audience with ease, it can be difficult to decipher between partisan interests, hypotheses based on incomplete data, and accurate, evidence-based information. Check out our sister page, Avian Behavior International, for hands on activities, workshops, and event information, as well as signing up for our newsletter for all sorts of act-now information!

Avian Behavior International
Avian Behavior International

The following individuals Hillary has been influenced by and has had the privilege of working with:

Barbara Heidenreich

Steve Martin

Susan G. Friedman, PhD

Professional Organizations

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators

Animal Behavior Management Alliance

Additional Parrot Resources

Wings n’ Things podcast
Barbara Heidenreich and Robin Shewokis

Parrot Enrichment and Activity Books
Kris Porter

Parrot Behavior and Enrichment Consultant
Jim McKendry

Sid Price

Parrot Rescue Centre of Queensland, Australia

Raz Rasmussen and Carly Lu

Avalon Aviary of Loveland, Colorado
Susanne Cochran

World Parrot Trust

The Parrot Society of Australia