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Parrot Behavior Myths: Is that a phase?

In this second installment of parrot behavior myths, we take a look at how some constructs such as the Terrible Two’s and the Honeymoon Phase can become self-perpetuating and in fact lead to an increase in behavior problems. Continue reading

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Parrot Behavior Myths: Building Trust

There are many people out there eager to give advice when we ask for it from a variety of venues. How can some of the information out there help – and hinder – efforts to build trust with your new bird? Plus, tips to help us gauge the quality of methodological advice we receive. Continue reading

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Working with Fearful Parrots: A Study in Videos

Building relationships with parrots that show extremely fearful behavior can be a challenging problem. Much of the information out there is based on the one-way transmission of information from human to bird. By allowing a bird to use body language to change our behavior and using positive reinforcement to reward desirable behavior, we can achieve sustainable pathways to closer, more trusting relationships. Continue reading

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Success Stories: The taming of a wild amazon parrot

An injured wild amazon parrot succeeds with positive reinforcement through a loving foster home with PEAC. Continue reading

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